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Early childhood environments shape our brain and body for better or worse. The facts are that many chronic diseases in adulthood are determined decades earlier by toxic stressful environments (see the CDC ACE Study) including the likelihood of experiencing the ten most common causes of death.

It is now becoming alarmingly clear that our current health care system needs to be upgraded to address the effects of early toxic stress exposure and overall lifetime stress exposure (Allostatic Load).
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Unified Therapy, founded by Dr Paul Canali
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Unified Therapy is based on the discovery of an entirely new operating system that allows unprecedented communication into the brain, nervous system and the mysterious higher self.

This operating system uses specific sensory and motor input signals along with cognitive, mindful attention to rewire the nervous system, positively altering Allostatic loads resulting in Autonomic Nervous System balance and super conscious or transcended states of mind.  
For physicians, the new diagnostic advantages are immense; healing persistent unexplained illness, pain and disease. Real tools to address not only the psychological effects of toxic stress, pain and trauma, but for the first time, deeply etched neurological aspects in the brain and body.

To those on the path of higher learning, seeking truth and knowledge, no single process, technique or mindful practice could offer more. For the truths that emerge belong to no technique, method or philosophy. Information about your life, its joys and pain, what truly made you sick in the first place, how and why you fear, and the answers of how to get free. Most importantly, it holds the ecstasy of your own surrender, a peace and grace that will transcend all understanding.
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7700 N Kendall Drive, Suite 412
Miami, Florida, 33156
ph: 305.667.8174
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Understanding Pain
This documentary was filmed in 2010 at the offices of the Evolutionary Healing Institute and during a Unified Therapy™ professional seminar.
"Trauma has the potential to be one of the most significant forces for psychological, social, and spiritual awakening and evolution. How we handle trauma (as individuals, communities, and societies) greatly influences the quality of our lives. It ultimately affects how or even whether we will survive as a species."
~ Peter Levine, PhD

What to do about it in less than 5 minutes?
Healing The Pains That Run Our Lives
Anxiety and Chronic Pain Patients Talk About Their Experiences with Unified Therapy™
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Unified Theory of Everything Human
Dr Canali recently presented a lecture on The Theory of Everything Human at the FIU Program in the Study of Spirituality. The lecture was recorded and you can view it here.
The Unified Theory of Everything Human is a comprehensive model of human evolution and development. It is becoming alarmingly clear that both physiological and psychological health and disease, whether we thrive or remain stuck in life and even our search for purpose, meaning and spiritual quests, has more to do with our early childhood environment than anyone could imagine. Unified Theory is based on the discovery of an entirely new operating system that allows unprecedented communication into the brain, nervous system, the unconscious mind, implicit and explicit memory, and yes, the mysterious higher self-lurking behind the door of the middle prefrontal cortex of the brain. The ancients called this the third eye. For physicians, mental health professionals, and other healthcare providers, the new diagnostic advantages are unprecedented, healing persistent unexplained illnesses from PTSD to functional neurological disorders (FND) and the greatest mystery in all of medicine – chronic pain, anxiety and trauma. Most importantly it holds the ecstasy of your own surrender, a peace and grace that will transcend all understanding.

Dr. Paul J. Canali of the Evolutionary Healing (EH) Institute in Miami has been involved in the study of the human condition for over 30 years. He was a pioneer in the biopsychosocial model of disease and suffering and the intergenerational effects of toxic stress and trauma; especially how toxic stress and trauma affect the brain and body. Dr. Canali is associated and accredited with pioneering somatic brain body therapies, including many terms that are often used today in the field of medicine and psychology, especially those related to autonomic nervous system regulation. Dr. Canali represents a new, rare breed of physicians. Physician-Healer is a physician who is well-versed in the mind, science and psychology of human beings, but also has developed something else – an intuitive skill that expands the ability to heal suffering.